I Don’t Accept Slavery As My History

So I’ve had this debate a few times over the years. As a young educated black man I…”reject slavery as my history”and refuse to identify with it. I don’t accept slavery as my history.”I identify with history pre-slavery”in which there are countless great role models and accounts of historical contributions to the civilizations of the world including medicine, science, astronomy, mathematics, hygiene, philosophy, spirituality and more.Also contrary to popular belief Yoga has it’s origins in Africa not India or the West. I state this merely to break the stereotypical views that all these spiritual practises are not universal. It originated in Africa but the practice was and is worldwide.Almost instantly without thinking or reasoning, people react in a presumptious way & jump to the conclusion that I’m rejecting my heritage and all black history. They don’t realize that subconsciously they are saying that I should identify with suffering, captivity, being thought of as less than others, less than human and have a low opinion of myself.What does slavery teach me about my heritage and where I came from? What did black people gain from slavery(fake black history)? What is Curt Soul rejecting?Lack of self love
Broken families
Broken Lineage
Loss of culture
Loss of identity
Loss of unityFrom the list you can see that I’m rejecting a bunch of negativity.What did Black people and the world gain from real black history?Medicine
Self love
Culture…and the list goes on. So now are you beginning to see why I choose to identify with history pre slavery?If your child could only choose one list to identify with, which list would you urge them to pick?My history did not begin with chainsBefore slavery you have black Kings & Queens, Dynasties, schools of thought, spiritual practise but most importantly respect and historical achievements to be proud of. There is more than 100,000 years of black history documented with cultures and tribes such as the Dogon, Pygmis, Watusi’s, Olmecs, Moors (who ruled Spain for 800 years), Kemetians (true Egyptians), Nubians and many more.A black individual I identify with is Imhotep. he lived 5000 years ago (pre history) and is documented as the worlds 1st Multi-Genius. Imhotep was a doctor, scientist, healer, astronomer,mathematician, architect, carpenter, sculpture, high priest, philosopher, poet, chancellor, engineer and more. He had well documented surgical procedures thousands of years before the so called Greek founders of medicine. In fact the ancient Greecians pay homage to him.Identifying with greats like Imhotep allowed me to aspire to greatness and dreams & potential without limitation, not acceptance. Whereas growing up identifying with slavery taught my mind to think of the world and potential in a limited way.I feel it also can make you grow up not feeling good enough/equal because your identifying with nothing. Your taught that other races have a history of accomplishment, culture and most importantly contribution to the worlds growth. The worst thing slavery did was to cut off the peoples history. If you was a Chinese slave you could still look to China and have a culture and identity to identify with. If you were a Jewish slave you could still look and have a history and culture to identify with. However if you were a black slave you had no clue what to identify with. They were dehumanized, treated like animals. Raped, tortured, mentally and physically abused and taught nothing but pray to the image of the ones who enslaved them. Their fathers were either unknown, dead, sold off or secretly the very master who continued to enslave them and their fellow slaves. These issues still carry on today with black people having a high rate of broken, fatherless homes. Africa is a huge continent with various cultures, countries and attributes. As a black slave you had no idea of where you came from ad no way of finding out and so connection to the root was lost.The common belief is that the western world civilized the black race via slavery and that before this black people just lived in the bushes with no knowledge. In fact the disrespect goes so far that pretty much all black accomplishments have been suppressed, altered, stolen and wrongly credited so again I stress the point should I identify with this lie? An example of this is pretty much every movie about Egypt or any biblical movie. All the African characters are played by white Americans, which subconsciously programs the masses to think of these characters as white. Therefore when you think of the pyramids, Moses, Imhotep and other great things you do not identify them with black. Even the man called thrice great, multi-genius & polymath (Imhotep) was completely disrespected in the film the Mummy where he is portrayed as evil, crazy and surprise surprise NOT black.After slavery it became hard for the world to accept anyone or thing of great significance as black because the whole world was systematically brainwashed into forming a low opinion of black people. The world was taught that black people were uncivilized beasts and demons not human.Why would a King want to accept the notion of the slave being the creator of the philosophies he lives his life by?To accept slavery as my history means to accept being an uneducated captive, looked down upon by the world as my culture and heritage.In schools, colleges and other forms of education systems your taught about the culture and accomplishments of a race as history. However when it comes to black history your only taught about the persecution and enslavement of black people. NOTHING is taught about culture and historical accomplishments. There is also an outrageous attitude towards positive black things. If I speak of anything of significance being created by blacks the idea is ridiculed and dismissed immediately without a 2nd thought. If I said the Chinese built the rail road we all say how great that is, If I say the Americans invented the Plane we say how great that is, If I say the Ancient Greeks were great architects we all say yes that’s true BUT if I say Africans built the pyramids we say no that’s not possible and If I argue the point I become labelled “afrocentric” or racist which is ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that some people say that Egypt isn’t in Africa. I feel this is because our subconscious is heavily programmed by Tel-Live-Vision programs and mass media pretty much from birth.If I taught history I wouldn’t teach the Holocaust as Jewish history, I would teach it as a terrible event that happened to Jewish people. I wouldn’t teach the invasion of Manchuria as Chinese history, I would teach it as a terrible event that happened to Chinese people. So with that mind set you can guess what I’m about to say.Why is slavery taught as “black” history?Why is it not taught as a terrible event that happened to black people? Slavery doesn’t even account for 1% of black history yet it’s portrayed as the 100%.I REFUSE to have a low opinion of myself, my culture and my story (mystery).The world learned mathematics, science, philosophy, medicine, spirituality, architecture and many more things from Africans. It’s heavily documented by EVERY culture, there is a phenomenal amount of black history long before slavery yet it’s not taught as black history. We’re all programmed to reject anything pre slavery as black history.Otis Boykin (1920-1982) invented the electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers, and the pacemaker.George Washington Carver invented peanut butter.Lewis Latimer (1848-1928) invented the carbon filament which is an important part of the light bulb.Granville T. Woods (1856-1910) invented a train-to-station communication system.Jan Ernst Matzeliger (1852-1889) invented a shoemaking machine that increased shoemaking speed by 900%!I didn’t know these things and I bet most of you reading this didn’t.As a child I loved reading about ancient Greek history and mythology, I was obsessed (I would later discover that all that I loved actually had it’s roots in MY history). Before age 16 I had no idea that there were black kings, queens and dynasties. I had no idea their were black Gods and spiritual systems. It was only when I began looking into it and reading that I began to unravel the mystery of the story that has become a forgotten history. Now I know much of my history and cultures and stand as a proud black man with love of self and thus I can and do show love to ALL RACES. The funny thing is that the information is not really hidden, people just have no incentive to look.The reason this is important to me is because no matter your race, knowing self is important. It allows you to love and be proud of who you are. Which allows you to show love to others. The only reason all of these wars and injustices happened over the years throughout the world is become somebody always wants to be higher than/superior to somebody else.”There is no racism, only ignorance”Once you stop ignoring the fact that we are souls not coloured bodies, you’ll see others as part of one big family and hate/ignorance/racism will no longer exist only unity.The media focuses on our differences and historical crimes to keep the people separated, beneath the system and in control.So to wrap it up, I accept black history pre slavery as my history/story.Hope you enjoyed the read,Much love
Curt Soul